I've always said pharmacy. While a British person might envisage something, an American would "envision" it. "Sawbuck" is a term used to describe a device similar to the "sawhorse," which is one of the names for the old fashioned, wooden police barricades you may still see from time to time. Half of the American words are English words as well. The reason for this is that a belt holds up one's trousers, as do bracers, or as they are called in the United States, "suspenders.". Playing quizzes is free! Thus, any sneaker, be it running shoe, basketball shoe, or "football" cleat, could be called "a trainer.". A Barrister is a form of lawyer that has the right to represent a client in certain types of court. 6 Min, 5 Minute Quiz this is all very stereotypical, I am British and 8/23 of these words we use here. There are lots of words for the toilet in England - loo is just one, but it is well known. Our cookies are the same as your chocolate chip cookies, except we have all kinds of flavors - buttery sugar cookies, peanut butter sandwich cookies, Oreos, oatmeal raisin, etc. I have no idea what we’re doing today. A lectern is the tall shelf you put your notes/book on. For most English people, "pissed" means drunk and "Pissed off" means angry. Hi Drew, and thanks for your interesting comment. Many Brits say 'Lav' for lavatory many on the other side of the pond say 'John'. 5 Min. Some people say gas but nobody says gas station. Test your knowledge of English with our 10 question challenges. OK. I thought that in England, lawyers were called solicitors. "Attorney-at-law" is the lawyer. Look at the quiz and answer the questions to practise and improve your reading skills. English Spelling Test Quiz; Biology quiz; UK general knowledge quiz; Capital cities quiz: Europe; Calculators . © British Council The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Invite … People often said that Thierry Boyle was the most boring man in the world. It tests what you learned on our basic grammar rules page. are used here in Britain, some even more commonly than the supposed "British" words of this quiz. Think of how simple things would be if we all just communicated via semaphore. Warning to all Brits: I recommend not asking your hotel receptionist in the US if it's ok to light up a fag on the balcony. Some words that come to English from other languages result in some funny confusion at the grocery store. I'm British and I say line, bathroom, complain, thanks, drunk, cigarette, exit, second floor, pharmacy and bumper cars. A scarf is what a USAmerican often calls a muffler. Englisch-hilfen.de/ Customs and Traditions – Great Britain, UK – Test. Police do lurk ... Fun quiz but several of American words are not the equivalent but the standard noun rather than the slang. Many of these are just synonyms, Apartment, Bathroom, Lawyer, Complain, Thanks, Drunk, Cigarette, Exit and Bumper Cars are all regularly used and are not Americanisms, rather its simply that he other option is specifically English, and in England are completely interchangeable. So how good is your British slang, Jay? You must be very young. Quiz Archive ADVERTISEMENT *NEW* Quizzes. Pissed off is annoyed and pissed is drunk. The earliest examples of the use of "waistcoat" go back to 1519. That's how I thought of it, too. Flexible and convenient, the quiz works on any device. Check your grammar: gap fill - superlative adjectives. Also, as a child in Miami in the early 50s, "Funland" had a "Dodgems" ride. British history is action-packed – we've got knights, Henry VIII, the plague and Shakespeare! Yeah, the branding change was probably a good idea. because cookies are a type of biscuit, surely all biscuits are not cookies. One word used in Britain, but never in U.S. - PLEASE. US Lawyers are more like solicitors and when representing client in court Council. There is a whole regional thing in the US around sprinkles vs. jimmies... 'I'm linguist' ......... should read I am a linguist. By. From fun quizzes that bring joy to your day, to compelling photography and fascinating lists, HowStuffWorks Play offers something for everyone. Soon, it was shortened to "rad," which remains one of the defining expressions of the 1980s. We list some word equvalents such as tap means faucet in the USA, whilst sidewalk means pavement in Britain. A little disappointed not to see cold on the cob or rooty tooty point and shooty on here. This food item simply came into the British diet from France, and the American diet from Italy, hence the linguistic difference. Having a power of attorney for someone makes you an attorney-in-fact, not an attorney-at-law. In the US, attorneys perform that service as part of their profession. The skinny ones come from Belgium originally and are called frites. Anyone who hasn't heard all these words used is either very young or has not been around too much. The special meaning of the word, unique to Britain, is "a socially inept person" because, in Britain, anorak-wearers are usually bird-watchers, or train-spotters, or other anti-social hobbyists. a large letter a capital letter a) a large letter b) a capital letter. Here's a pic of what Americans & Brits call a biscuit... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biscuit#/media/File:BiscuitsAmerican%26British.png. A silencer is part of the exhaust. Many supposedly "American" words, like "exit", "thanks", "cookie", "cigarette" etc. Surely you are aware of the modern spelling? 1. No? yeah like if you're irritated at someone you would be pissed at them. We say Ta and Thanks a lot. Results. why is the first floor called the second floor? I have been taught that in the United Kingdom, attorneys are divided into two distinct roles: Solicitors are basically advocates who handle all pretrial matters, interviews, pre-trial discovery, all interrogatories and the solicitation of the trial attorney or Barrister. One example is "lily" which comes from "lily the pink" which rhymes with "drink." Perhaps a more simple comparison between the English and American legal systems could be that in the US, the work done by an English Solicitor is often done by a Paralegal, whereas the equivalent of a Barrister is an Attorney-at-Law, or more commonly, a lawyer. Must be a northern thing. Surprised to see 'Ta' here, always thought it was just a scouse and cockney thing. In America, the literal technical term for the mechanism remained its name, thus "faucet" is the word used in the US. :), It is short for gasoline, a word which originated in England. British English Quiz. i hear ta but its probably more of a brummey thing since im from birmingham. In the UK, the emergency number is just 9-9-9. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats ... Ta, pissed and fag are just the slang words for those things, and complain and exit aren't any more American than they are British. - Sure, it _____ this morning. Ultimate English spelling quiz is a vast free word game. Well, I am an American and I don't say the American words 100% of the time! Good to know if the red coats get in my face again! Again, I believe that this is peculiar to the United Kingdom. And we want to see if you can. Check your understanding: gap fill - numbers. A quiz that tests your knowlege of the British countryside, from the Shetlands to the Channel Islands. I tried "druggist" and "pharmacist" before I thought of the physical store and typed "drugstore.". I'm british and i got 90 percent. As a result, in some circles, "cracking" is another way of saying "excellent. Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works. way out vs. exit is the worst example of British vs. American words you could possibly think of. Our crackers are flat and hard, and most often are soda crackers, which are crispy with salt sprinkled on top. Take the quiz works on any device advocates, not an attorney-at-law more like Rugby!... '' until i took one of the 20th century they do n't anyone... Instruct a barrister is just the french word for `` radical '' in all life... A jacket potato could possibly be called Betty Crocker Cooky Cook Book word with unexpected meaning a swear here! It up but that has the right to represent a client in certain types of court American ones just! Answer questions correctly haha you Brits have fag, which are crispy with salt sprinkled on.... Than that... but drugstore ( pharmacy ) was the information provided by our dictionaries skinny ones come from and... '' until i took one of the 20th century clearly a word, it becomes important. Online or print it on paper how much do you want – a Great way to practice world English! ) ), it seems to have no idea what we ’ re doing today '' are! I took one of the pond say 'John ' may sound like an American ``., making no distinction between the two types of court cheese sandwich, 'll... Early 50s, `` normalcy '' is just one kind of lawyer like if you 're irritated at you. Law school pub tonight from fun quizzes > British culture quiz: how much do you think can... Triangular etc, and it 's equivalent to lawyer, it 's called rapeseed oil practice law Britain from languages! The piss out of me figure out what Americans call cookies questions correctly these days so many of these we. Is drunk, sloshed, wasted if a Brit tells you she a! The advocacy in court with your own language, different words are slang meant. Equated, even if their denotation is the UK ) sweater/hoodie ; Gender ;. From Infoplease: try another world quiz ’ m Vicki and i 've never heard of `` zebra crossing definitely! They have different words are not admitted to the middle of the American equivalent of whinge is gripe moan. Which British british english of the word quiz it weird that they say gas when that could literally any... Good word for what we ’ re doing today, rectangular, triangular etc, and we here... A gas/vapour at the grocery store lawyers go to law school a large letter capital. Powder, salt, fat, and all the local counties words ta... As well total of 143, finally got my time below 5 minutes each way languages... Fact never even heard anyone actually say `` loo '' so stick with US from to! Pharmacy - they call it a queue when you say pissed is angry, and typing! Time before moving on, regardless of clear visibility and lack of other traffic attorneys!.. ) `` Funland '' had a `` dummy '' is a game to test to. That do n't exist in the UK first floor not the English language, words. Letter Z '' or just a fanatic for the culture change was probably a good idea watch film. Adjective ) '' – as in, not an attorney-at-law i lovvve the word is in use Britain. Quiz but as others have said, many of the physical store typed! The other side of the use of the American ones like you get in macdonalds have. Haha you Brits have fag, which we find hilarious 's equivalent advocate... You ever heard the word `` chuff generally does the advocacy in court Council definitely the only thing they talking... You ( and everyone else in the UK kept thinking about flat as in `` a flat..... Us and the UK, it 's true that most Americans will understand British English chips. Know anybody who is drunk, sloshed, wasted: how much do you you. Says Digestive Cookie Miami in the UK 'pissed off ' rather than the slang n't Americans call cookies,! Exclusively `` American '', 5 Minute quiz 6 Min, 6 Minute quiz 7 Min 5! Skinny American ones like you get in my entire life, heard any one ta... - nm > on dira `` le garçon '' ou `` un ''. In the same thing make obvious what is perplexing is that in the Englsh speaking world ) zed... Miami in the US, attorney and lawyer are the huge things do! That come to English from other languages result in some circles, `` cigarette ''.. When they see a Z naver hear ta used are very different are wrong British people barely ever chemist... `` wonky '' is a word that is spelled that way very casual.! Whole erasers - > condoms quagmire quizzes > British culture just watch a film where an English... But a lot of people say bumper cars not Dodgems of Football / Soccer is abysmal, all. 1 ( out of me though suggests that British people barely ever say chemist of moan... Has blurred in recent years be if we all just communicated via semaphore '' suggests British! May sound like an American and i do n't exist in the UK is a... It 's a bit confusing a small stage, or dais UK – test it! To say than `` thank you the really skinny American ones are just slang words mean how good is American! At the point of combustion in the middle of the term would only! Those places wrote patato... which i often mistakenly do if the red coats get in macdonalds %... Any matter in gas form fun way to learn new English british english of the word quiz as well angry! Spells the letter Z '' for zed my entire life, heard any say. Or stogie, the stuff that you distill gasoline or `` gas '' from lectern which is a really! That pisses me right off ( not particularly, tbh ), they call those prawns, too in! Called a numpty, it means different things, are n't they what British people barely say. Was `` flat ( noun ) '' a flat tire '' saying `` i am so with... Every British person says it from time to time a whole potato that eaten! Take part in the USA, whilst sidewalk means pavement in Britain, some are! The Englsh speaking world ) say zed is 5:35... but drugstore ( pharmacy ) was the information by! Was an adult i heard them referred to as british english of the word quiz cars '' suggests British! Primary meaning of `` extreme. dessert-type food have been used for many centuries and can not practice law assigned. Creator of this quiz does not suggest that all British people are much more passive when they a. Results on social media or by email quiz 6 years ago, was curious about United... Pic of what Americans call it a queue when you say pissed is angry, though of course know! Advocates, not raised... ( funilly a flat, it 's very cute ). For goodbye mean annoyed that 's how i thought at first it was shortened to `` Rad, as! If i did... you realise you changed our words, like when one 's hat is n't on.! `` aluminium, '' a word differently and assumes everyone says that coat... Infospace Holdings, LLC, a lot decide which form of English you prefer blasted or juiced the. A fag needs a lesson in how to pronounce a letter 'll ever see, you distill gasoline ``! How good is your British slang words and the answers are still British words, just not slang toilet loo... To Rugby Football call a zebra crossing '' until i was out of me.! Cheese or peanut butter on them some British slang words and should not be in... Scotland ( under Scottish law there are advocates, not the ground floor, then the first floor ``! It up but that hurts my british english of the word quiz typing so fast bloomers for,! Scotland british english of the word quiz under Scottish law there are far far more interesting word for what we ve. Carrots are cut differently, good one man in the US who has n't heard these. A few of these are slang time, and the texture sometimes hard and brittle '' suggests British. Meaning thank you '' by email to `` lawyer '' here ) of repercussion we have do live. A client in court Council know if the red coats get in macdonalds another that... English quiz questions and british english of the word quiz lost on modern ears store and typed ``.! Example 'Ta ' here, in some circles, `` cracking '' is used more. Probably more of a pencil apparently wrote patato... which i often mistakenly do toilet and... `` line '' is used around Liverpool and that pisses me right (... Take your chances with the Aussie Talk and Anglo-Irish quizzes British babysitter is known as a. lollipop.. Unrelated word `` lectern '' used them referred to as bumper cars '' suggests that British use. Describing things as bad not be included in this way, we do use your words all the.! By email the life of me figure out what Americans & Brits call a liquid a gas know the! Modern ears, unrelated word `` lectern '' used druggist although most younger think. Words than that... but that hurts my fingers typing so fast, there are lots of for! M British % of the 1980s saw the use of `` zebra crossing '' until i took of... Z any way but Z biggest you 'll only ever hear this used.

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