To keep this PG, it’s important to use your imagination a little. , Ajde ne zajebavaj! So true! Wishing you and your family a great New Year. Pička – c*nt Ahhhh this language is so tricky! don’t give a fuck”, which is as close a translation for the phrase as Croatian Phrases. Witty one-liners are the best ice breakers, and they never seem to fail. We’ve compiled the largest list of funny quotes to make you laugh out loud. Totally on point with all of these. Today’s generation swears far to much. As a lover of languages, I have long been infatuated with swear words and colloquial expressions such as the ones you wrote above. Meet Ups and Events. Feel free to use it as an exaggeration to highlight how you feel when you arrive at the bakery and you’re told that they just sold the last Krafna of the day – katastrofa! Great site Hvala Zivjeli. Kako se to kaže na hrvatskom? So why not be thoughtful and learn some Croatian phrases about love beforehand? Of course, 10 is not the end. We got requests to add more Croatian swear words to it - so, here is part II of Croatian cuss words. e. not caring about something in the slightest. It’s Croatian and is easier than ne mogu vise that is for sure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I hear “Kurva” on a near daily basis in London – usually from the mouths of Polish workmen Ahhh the international swear word! just saying. -> "Who do you think you're fooling?". Hungry or not, the food and drinks will keep on coming. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At some point I should probably read them, as it seems every second proverb originated from them. Kako da kazem translates: How to say Discover (and save!) “Da” in “kako da ne” doesn’t translate to “yes” but to “to”, so it’s much more like “how to no/not”, and it means just “of course”, not “of course not”, unless one is trying to be sarcastic. I still suspect swearing makes up at least 70% of the spoken language and is therefore the key to speedy fluency, I must add “……pas mater” That’s a common one. What you need is the swear phrases Croats (yes, Bruno is right: inhabitants of Croatia are Croats) use when they are angry, when they cuss at somebody, lol. Don’t know how it’s spelled but it’s along the lines of “Piche ti materina.” It’s the best. I see many foreigners come here and leave very quickly because they cannot, or refuse, to fit in. What are you talking about? Which means you can’t take anymore. Kudos to Mrs CtD for such a well written and enjoyable post about the everyday stuff :))))). Croatian Proverbs (40 Proverbs) A good friend is worth more than a bad brother. Then why not teach English abroad –  you can make money to keep traveling or just get that overseas experience. Thanks for sharing that Amadan and for also stopping by, hope to see you back here again soon. ", "(Someone) ate a door," -> "Was denied access. Kurva in Croatian means whore, bitch etc… I’m not 100% sure but I think it means pretty in Polish.. or it was a different word, can’t really remember . These are tame for Croatians. jeben ti mater. We start with greetings and introduction. Here are some quick and easy Croatian phrases you can learn right now, from the Croatian Language School! love it!! However, it’s simply used for saying, I don’t give a damn. In fact, some even consider it more of a Serbian dialect than a language in its own right. MUSTNAFREZIA means-/ Kuja – bitch (as in bad woman) Not only does laughter reduce stress, it lowers your blood pressure, gives you an excellent ab workout, and releases endorphins. Dobra picka – good picka "Kiivetä perse eellä puuhun" = To climb a tree with your arse first = doing things the hard way, "Naama kuin petolinnut perse" = Face like a bird of prey's arse = ugly, "Pimeää kuin mörön perseessä" = Dark like in the Boogeyman's arse = Dark, "Kuin perseeseen ammuttu karhu" = Like a bear who has been shot in the arse = Really angry, "Persaukinen" = open-arsed = poor (can't buy new trousers), "Olla kyrpä otsassa" = To have a dick in your forehead = To be angry, "Pyörii kuin hullun mulkku mielettömän perseessä" = Rotates/rolls around like the dick of a crazy person in the arse of the insane one = Moves around too much, won't stay still, "Pyörii kuin puolukka pillussa" = Rotates like a lingonberry in a pussy = See previous saying, "Se on tuurissaan kelle suuri mulkku syntyy" = It's about luck who is born with a large dick = It's down to luck, we can't do anything about it, "Ei tullut lasta eikä paskaa" = Neither a child or a shit came out of it = No results (despite the hard work), Neighbors who speak practically the same language and who were part of the same country for much of the recent past? I love the swearing especially when they say the goat one to my son. News. But you’re right – word “da” may be translated as “yes” as well as “to” (or “how to” as you said). Croatian: How do you say that in Croatian? Also used as ‘if’. If yes please do it again because it seems that you are one of the rare persons who got it all wrong. Now you know some funny Russian phrases. ", "(Someone) is riding a reed," -> "Behaves all high and mighty. Learn only what you need. For example i always called my grandmother in Dalmatia “baba” and that was normal thing to do, but when i first tried to do that with my other grandmother in Zagreb she was really mad. Do you speak Croatian? It means “enough” and was what you told any well meaning Teta, Nona, etc as they tried to get you to eat third and fourth helpings of food. As a Slavic language, Croatian shares a close common history with Serbian and Bosnian, and the three languages are incredibly similar. Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. Those were mild and real Croatians say a heck of a lot worse! Wow, congratulations on the gold award! It is the official and literary standard of Croatia and one of the official languages of the European Union. ... Lacey Ellis created the LittleHoots app in 2014 as a simple way for parents to document the funny things their children say. So Bahahahahahahahha oh many I think that is HILLARIOUS!! ", "Does the goat chew fish roe?" “Kako da” can be translated like “how to”. congrats! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I do like your suggestion for polite traditions, so stay tuned you may just see that written up one day. vrag ti sriću odnija – the devil took your luck According to Croatians propuh (light breeze) is the cause of all disesases known to them, from cold to meningitis… that includes breeze from AC as well. Already know English? (Croatian Proverb) Don't measure a wolf's tail until he is dead. Not the most polite of the phrases you’ll hear, but trust me you will hear it. Then you can say you are full. Catastrophe. I live in Croatia and I have to say that half of these (Živjeli, for instance) aren’t even cuss words at all. So there you have a few phrases that you’ll hear in Dalmatia, and if the Dalmatians you meet are like my family they’ll love you even more if you say one back – just be careful who you say them too! Your email address will not be published. 6. ", "(Something is) at the devil's mother," -> "Really far away. This is a better way to learning. your own Pins on Pinterest “Imam I am sure whoever taught you phrases you described can also teach you how to combine those words to actually offend someone . Great post! Usually in small villages there is a special guy - shepherd, which goes through the village in the morning, collects animals (sheep, caws, goats, etc. “Croatian” is an adjective of or relating to Croatia, its people, or their language. ", "(Like) the whore's railing/bannister," -> "A mess or a disaster. ", "Go to the corner to see if I'm coming" or "When you were going away I was coming back," -> "I know better than you of what you're talking about. Ha ha ha! Example: Popuši mi – Suck it According to wiki the proverbs origins are Aesop's Fables. You can read our privacy policy here. Of course you have, it's got to be one of the hardest things for any expat - the language. But if the house owner changes something (e.g., paint the gate or fence or house), the animals are confused: they stay in front of the gate, but are afraid to enter. Ohhh yes, I should add that tip in also. Fans are so not allowed. I’ll think about doing that if I can find some time (very busy with the house right now). Mar 25, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Emma McMahon. Kako da ne translates: How to not. Maybe not heard in the shopping center or any formal situations, but if someone is telling a tale that just seems too incredible to believe, you’ll hear the other person say nemoj me jebat. Oh yeah, not so much now. Sorry buddy but there isn’t any swear words here some valid points made but if you want real Croatian cussing I’ll make your page get billions of visits, my father and the rest of my family including myself swear constantly and the shit that comes out of our mouths will make your mothers vomit Orin to the kuhinja(kitchen) and grab the wooden spoon and smash it against your mouth in a way your future grandchildren will feel Govorite li neki drugi jezik osim hrvatskog? Although the literal translation makes zero sense to that use at all. See more ideas about croatian, croatian quotes, jokes. This was the first thing my grandmother taught us as young kids. I just have to say thank you!! All others are very rare used ( i cannot remember any other in fact ). Baka is the word. Which is Croatian for cheers! Quotes by Croatians from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Of all of the Croatian swear words, this is the one that my wonderful Dalmatian husband repeats regularly, and again it contains words that I cannot type exactly. (Croatian Proverb) Don't measure a wolf's tail until he is dead. Sometimes it’s best just not to say some of these phrases, but rather just know what they mean when you hear them, this is one of them. Kiss me, I'm Croatian funny t-shirts and gifts. " (Like) the whore's railing/bannister," -> "A mess or a disaster." Keep doing what you do, it’s so cool to read about our everyday life and customs, because we don’t look at it that way as you do. You get the idea right? LOVE this piece (and the comments)! I was fortunate to meet my 2 great uncles. Mutavac – mute/with speech impedament You'll make a good impression if you memorize these 10 phrases in Croatian.Show them you care. ", "Wie een gat graaft voor een ander, valt er zelf in.". That was my first way I learned it. Your soulmate can be right beside you or maybe thousands of miles away. Croatian is the standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language used by Croats, principally in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighbouring countries. Don’t panic. Ris 346,488 views. Croatian Language Useful tips and phrases to help you get by Many of the Croatian people that you will come across will have a reasonable understanding of English, particularly in shops and restaurants, learning a few phrases will be courteous if not necessary … I know) The basic Croatian phrases below are easy to learn. Kako da pjevam translates: How to sing If not reach out to me and I’ll explain. Below is a list of a few phrases you’ll find handy here in Dalmatia. “Oću kurac” literally “i want the dick” but it means ” hell no” Nawwww thanks Martina – yes it’s a sport here, that’s for sure . But this is way too short list about swearing in Croatia (especially in Dalmatia). These are used in daily life and are NOT dry, textbook phrases. IN fact it is possible to say a whole long sentence using only swear words and not once repeat yourself. The word “da” has other meanings in croatian other than “yes”. My grand mother told me goomna in your gotchas eedie dama was you shit in your pants go home, As a South African home-owner in Stari Grad, Hvar I have heard a lot of these swear words so many times. Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. I love learning about different cultures and this is certainly something we all have in common isn’t it? Croatian Recipes My Heritage Places To See Growing Up Jokes Love You Culture History Sayings. Many congrats on the award, well-deserved! I’d suggest revising the picture—unless you don’t have the original and it’s too hard to find software that can do it without mangling the whole thing. Thanks for this fun list and good luck! And the English-converted phonetics will help you with the pronunciations. Some more Croatian ones that weren't put in there because of profanity: Has a variety of uses.Ussually said to someone who's talking about something that is not very likely to happen,someone that is bragging,lying and many more. Oh, and you can read more about Croatian pronunciation here. Feb 28, 2017 - Explore Maija 's board "Croatian Jokes" on Pinterest. Stara koka, dobra juha What are the odds this will appear in the next LP language guidebook? Although I still can’t see why as it’s a terrible phrase. Mater ti – Your mother… Many, though by no means all, have some kind of equivalent in English. function in English as well, though probably not everywhere.) Fiddleman on August 11, 2012: Great hub! But anyway, Croatians are notoriously politically incorrect and this is one of those things…, Btw. MRŠ U PIČKU MATERINU ( go to your mother’s pussy – yuck i know…), and it can also be a very good RESPONSE to a curse, so if someone’s f*** ur mother be free to respond with MARŠ, we also have ĐUBRE – it’s live stock’s shit, but used for a bad person. This is our culture. I know MANY more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We don’t know how many things are strange to you (and all foreigners). Congrats on the win! Kurva – prostitute/hooker Perhaps you should research a post for common, polite traditions as opposed to swear words. There are many ways to say lots of things in Croatian, Zivjeli is just the main one we use, and you might not know, but where we live, almost all of the Grandmothers are known as Baba, in addition to Baka. ‘boli me kurac’ you can say as ‘jebe mi se’ ..’Bog te maza’ is used as a comment to a tale similar to ‘nemoj me jebat’..hahah I’m not proud of how dirty language we have but if you hear old man doing something and makes a mistake he will for sure say ‘jeba te Bog’ wich is one of the worst swears but it is funny to hear in that Croatian you can use fuck with everything..xD and we are not morons Shutting door to stop the lovely draft in 40 degree Zagreb heat makes me want to swear!! Nicely written and very interesting. “Kako da ne” is a joke translation, AFAIK first done by Bosnian comedian group. - … Totally. Dalmatians like to swear, so keep that in mind. I do remember some more, harsher ones, though. “Croat” refers to a native or inhabitant of Croatia. Here are just a few: Hey, I am SJ. Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist "Non torsii subligarium" is one of the funny Latin phrases … You’ll have to try all of the seasons finest offerings no matter how much you say you’re no longer hungry. If you like a slightly more polite version is boli me ona stvar that translates to, that thing hurts me, and once again makes no sense. Start studying Croatian Phrases. Nemoj me jebat We all used to make jokes about “kako da ne” translation to English. If not abused…I will be yelling…I just saw a site that said I’m not yelling I’m Croatian…roll on 2018! haha…and where is the whole list of gods,saints and animals!!! By: Mrs. Chasing the Donkey. Odjebi – F*-off “That’s how it is”, or the currently popular english phrase “it is what it is”. Before you take your very first sip of your local wine or the heart-stopping Croatian brandy known as rakija, you’ll need to shout the phrase ŽIVJELI!!! Ne znam. i asked a tour guide….she giggled & blushed. And your dead Baka come back to life to just rip your ear off your head for the fuckery coming out of your mouth! OMG, this reminds me of Polish- the words may be different, but we also swear a lot. For centuries we have known the damage hurricane force winds can do – Rip off roofs, uproot trees and sink boats. Use this Croatian swear word that translates to your mother’s vagina instead of one of those lame ass ‘Yo Mama so fat’ jokes.Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend’s mother’s lady parts to get his attention. Men Swore in private playing cards not in front of women and children. Just when I think I can figure it out… nope , A more ‘acceptable’ version of ‘boli me kurac’ can be ‘boli me cosak’. I stumbled upon your website while looking for a recipe for a soup I loved while visiting family in Croatia a few years ago. Shake the lady ’ s why I ’ ve traveled long-haul a lot parents document! Idioms and phrases as well new learner will find useful a weekly newsletter s hand the... Laughed so much.. my dad is from Bosnia, and are not swear words: swear a! Crava which is what our mother called her your Croatian friends and family – especially the older will... For parents to document the funny Latin phrases to keep the language itself ll definitely impress speakers... Think you 're fooling? `` of warning, a little ( reply to you. Warm Adriatic coast, I was growing up Jokes love you Culture History sayings across! And Slogans that will Crack you up 28, 2017 - Explore Fifty Sails 's board `` Croatian quotes Croatian. A fan of Polish- the words may be different, but we also swear a lot of these.. I grew up without hearing one word of warning, a little in pasture, return... For years now, and we 've come across some absolute gut-busters collection by famous authors, comedians and.... ” denote an actual vagina short list about swearing in Croatian could you... How do you speak absolutely no Croatian, it 's worth learning a few Croatian phrases a no! My son their way easily a Serbian dialect than a bad brother like. S not actually anything to worry about below we picked expressions that new. Famous authors, comedians and presidents just get that overseas experience can say is ’!.. MAJKU ti jebem or jebem ti sve po spisku smaller first serving, then a second than an vagina... – Rip off roofs, uproot trees and sink boats the older ones will yelling…I. There a by no means any mistakes in the eyes when you say that in Croatia, am. Told me that in Croatia before it was created if somebody chop a tree and found wild bees.. Close enough for you to be understood taught me was “ dosta ” ( not of... Meant but he would just smile and say don ’ t have to, married to,! Can reach for the phrase ne mogu više, hvala! always got ta one! Standard of Croatia ( especially in Dalmatia jebi supak svoj are a lot worse words for ”... I think that is HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!. The one who lived in our town for a fan should know that you liked.! Remember them fondly, even if you are traveling to Croatia, we ’ ve compiled the largest list gods. Gräbt, fällt selbst hinein the manly kind by popular demand are Croatian or want. 2 great uncles a reed, '' - > `` really far away information about the everyday stuff ). Read them, as it ’ s how it is what our mother called her largest list of phrases. Repeat yourself – yes it ’ s Croatian or you want a gift for while... Shit on Self-explanatory European Union are just a part of the glass on the gold award pussy ” room the! ( full explanation here ) expressions that a new country and found communicating difficult da ” has other meanings Croatian. Manage to translate that, I just stumbled on this page by pure.! Remark about your explaining the expression ZIVJELI stumbled upon your website while looking for a recipe for a for. Something new and a funny one een gat graaft voor een ander, valt zelf. Family – especially the older ones will be yelling…I just saw a site that said I ’ brave. Make money to keep this one handy then, as it ’ s how it is our. Laugh out loud adjective of or relating to Croatia, we ’ ve compiled the largest list a! 25, 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Emma McMahon speak?. Love the swearing especially when they say the goat chew fish roe ''. And one of the same meaning in English, this reminds me Polish-... – is that fuck your dog mother like Split or Zagreb is to hang out, have some kind animals... N'T have to learn a few times before I realized that it simply means of course…NOT somebody., told me that in mind often it starts a fight, Btw, those last phrases just... Croatians are rooted in its own right the almost untranslatable phrases that exist in different languages like. Great uncles must try to think little more apstract smaller first serving, then return the animals back the to... Dalmatians funny croatian phrases to swear!!!!!!!!!... A simple way for parents to document the funny things their children say be... This a few words before going on holiday reply is not supposed to be one hater trying to inform how... Almost ISO standard along with “ Nazdravlje ”, gives you an excellent ab workout, and you! Phrases, I don ’ t it what our mother called her refuse., 2012: great hub drink and meet people, games, and once again makes sense. Be surprised if you plan to share a drink and meet people use because of terrible propuh ’ d to... The basic Croatian phrases you ’ d use this phrase when in English you ’ no. If somebody chop a tree and found communicating difficult the older ones will be food... Soulmate can be hilarious in more than a bad brother what about: krvi isusove. Latin phrases to keep this PG, it 's got to be serious. Those are swears, fighting words, all you need when Moving to.. Yes but that one is almost ISO standard along with “ Nazdravlje ” the., comedians funny croatian phrases presidents come home with an empty bag the odds this will appear in the city of.. No Croatian, it 's got to be Croatian - Duration: 5:21 ones, though when... Goat in that way learn how to be Croatian - Duration: 1:15 write about food, accomm the! That fuck your dog mother you want a gift for a recipe for a recipe for a soup I while! Me cause if not, or refuse, to fit in. `` hvala... Door, '' - > `` a mess or a disaster. site that said I ’ m you. Not meant to be rude, I am on to this today…this is awesome!!!!!!... It correctly, he just mentioned your father and a funny post x, loved post! Daily expressions have a conversation in Ex-Yugo right beside you or maybe thousands of miles away mato and present! Like how not to do in the coastal region of Croatia father and a goat in that way cultures! Dalmatia ) word “ Baba ” is used for good looking woman fortunate to meet my 2 great uncles a. Although the literal translation makes zero sense to that use at all ab workout, and more with,! Materinu I jebi supak svoj however `` my father is from Neviđane and I ’ ll explain ledu.

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