our materials

Frames and Springs

We cherish the Swedish handicraft tradition and use only the highest quality natural materials in our beds. Every bed is hand manufactured by our skilled craftsmen and all beds come in a range of colours and dimensions.


All of our bed frames are made from Swedish pinewood and have hardened, reinforced corners. This creates a more sustainable bed and when combined with thick and wide frame slats gives a stable bed with a 25-year warranty for spring- and frame breakage.


The springs in our beds are heat treated to allow them to remain stiff for many years to come. All our beds have a pocket spring system where springs are individually placed in their own pouches. This gives our customers maximum support, while minimizing movements made by their partners. The pocket spring system also eliminates squeaks and sound from the bed.

Soft Materials

We use only natural materials of the highest quality in our beds. These include biological bamboo, organic cotton and naturally grown latex. Our materials are chosen to give a fresh, cool sleep with a soft, pleasurable feel against the skin.


Our bamboo textiles are made from natural, quick growing bamboo and are grown without the use of pesticides, making them more environmentally friendly.

They are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and reduce the risk of dust mites.

Bamboo’s unique properties in combination with memory foam give a pleasant, cool bed and relaxing support for the whole body. Our bamboo mattresses are toxin free and made from renewable raw materials.

Our mattresses are tested by independent testing facilities and are CertiPUR-US approved.

Natural Latex

We use 100% natural latex that is produced from rubber tree sap. Natural latex has an open cell structure that lets it breathe and conduct away excess heat. The material adjusts to your body shape, which allows for good air circulation and a fantastic night’s sleep. Natural latex is highly durable, feels soft, but can withstand high pressure all while helping to relieve your stress.

Thanks to its natural properties, latex is dust repellent while impeding the growth of bacteria and mites. This means that natural latex is especially suitable in the bedroom, where a healthy environment is essential.


Traditionally, sisal has been used to make rope and twine for agricultural use. Today it can be found in a wide range of industries, such as papers, textiles, carpets and mattresses. This is because rubberised sisal, made from the agave plant, has an airy cell structure that easily and naturally removes excess moisture. It functions as a heat insulator, meaning that mattresses will maintain the perfect temperature. Its structure also absorbs wave energy, which means that it does not easily conduct sound or movement.

We have chosen to use sisal because of its animal friendly properties. Normally horsehair is used in beds to absorb moisture and minimize movement, but we believe that rubberised sisal is its equal. Any bed made with rubberised sisal from the agave plant could be considered to be a cruelty free, vegan alternative.


We use 100% natural materials comprising of cotton (60%) and linen (40%), Thanks to the characteristics of our raw materials we can produce exceptionally durable fabric. Due to the natural breathable nature of our material our beds feel fresher for longer.

Our fabric is stone-washed for an authentic feeling that becomes amplified with the passing of time. Every metre of our fabric is unique and developed with the utmost care.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that the bed you’re sleeping on is healthy both for you and the planet we live on.


All of our fabrics are quality stamped and approved by EU Ecolabel. EU Ecolabel is a label awarded to products that meet a high standard of environmental excellence, from extraction of raw materials to production.


All of our fabrics are quality stamped and approved by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. It is an independent testing and certification system for raw textile materials in all stages of production. All of our fabrics are tested for harmful substances, as are our accessories such as labels, buttons, zippers, rivets and threads.