Ecolife and nature

All our products are carefully tested and our materials are of the highest quality to provide you with excellent comfort. Sustainability is important for us and we strive for a green planet. That’s why we use 100% naturel plant-based materials in our beds and no animal products, such as wool and horsehair. Because of this, we can even say that we are a vegan brand. We also do not use plastic, chemical and synthetic additives in our beds. The natural materials we use for our beds include organic bamboo, slow-growing Swedish pine, flax, sisal from the agave plant, organic cotton (60%) and linen (40%). The properties of our raw materials allow us to produce exceptionally sustainable fabrics. Due to the naturally breathable nature of our material, the beds feel fresher for a longer time. Our fabric is stone-washed for an authentic feeling. Every meter of our fabric is unique and developed with the greatest care.

Manufacturing quality products, but natural fibers is our field. Since the start of Ecolife Beds, we have been using plant-based natural fibres. With our experience in producing beds and mattresses, we read market signals and translate them into new and innovative products of excellent quality. We only use the very best natural materials to make our beds. Nature is constantly replenishing these raw materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. Ecolife Beds supplies a completely environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials.


All our fabrics are certified and approved by the EU Ecolabel. This is a label awarded to products that meet a high standard of ecological excellence, from the extraction of raw materials to production.

All our Ecolife beds are handmade by our highly skilled craftsmen. Our factory is located in Valskog. A place in Sweden.

All of our products are accurate and our material is of the highest quality to provide you with excellent comfort.

We can give you a lifetime warranty against frame spring breakage. In addition, there is a European consumer guarantee of three years.

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Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

All our fabrics have a quality certificate and are approved by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. This is an independent testing and certification system for raw textile materials at all stages of production. All our fabrics are tested for harmful substances, just like our accessories, such as: labels, buttons, zippers, etc.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

All our textiles comply with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This is a world-leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, environmental and social criteria, backed by independent certification