In the 2008 U.S. presidential election, 78.2% of eligible Minnesotans voted – the highest percentage of any U.S. state – versus the national average of 61.2%. Private companies based in Minnesota include Cargill, the largest privately owned company in the United States,[92] and Carlson Companies, the parent company of Radisson Hotels. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd U.S. state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory. [173], Fishing does not cease when the lakes freeze; ice fishing has been around since the arrival of early Scandinavian immigrants. ------ How to cite a web page, go to a pdf file with the worksheet and the answers, Guidelines for Writing a Report on a State, TapQuiz Maps - free iPhone Geography Game. Roman Catholics (of largely German, Irish, French and Slavic descent) make up the largest single Christian denomination. MPR has the largest audience of any regional public radio network in the nation, broadcasting on 46 radio stations as of 2019. The Reform Party, now the Independence Party, was able to elect former mayor of Brooklyn Park and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura to the governorship in 1998. The state's U.S. Senate seats have generally been split since the early 1990s, and in the 108th and 109th Congresses, Minnesota's congressional delegation was split, with four representatives and one senator from each party. The written testimony on the state licence plates, "10,000 Lakes", is a proud reference to all the lakes of Minnesota. [126] The Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota are partners in the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics, a state-funded program that conducts research into cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart health, obesity, and other areas. During the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, European immigrants began settling Minnesota. Other large annual festivals include the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Minneapolis' Aquatennial and Mill City Music Festival, Moondance Jam in Walker, Sonshine Christian music festival in Willmar, the Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids, the Eelpout Festival on Leech Lake, and the WE Fest in Detroit Lakes. [139], Minnesota's principal airport is Minneapolis–St. [26] Much of the remainder of the state has fifty feet (15 m) or more of glacial till left behind as the last glaciers retreated. [115][118][119] These and other measures have led two groups to rank Minnesota as the healthiest state in the nation; however, in one of these rankings, Minnesota descended from first to sixth in the nation between 2005 and 2009 because of low levels of public health funding and the prevalence of binge drinking. Control of the House shifted back to Republicans in the 2014 election, and returned to the DFL in the 2018 midterm election. Grandma's Marathon is run every summer along the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior, and the Twin Cities Marathon winds around lakes and the Mississippi River during the peak of the fall color season. [134], The state supports a network of public universities and colleges, including 37 institutions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, and five major campuses of the University of Minnesota system. On This Page. [30] Minnesota's portion of Lake Superior is the largest at 962,700 acres (389,600 ha; 3,896 km2) and deepest (at 1,290 ft (390 m)) body of water in the state. Last Modified Date: August 24, 2020. In the 2010 election, Republicans took control of both chambers of the Minnesota legislature for the first time in 38 years and, with Mark Dayton's election, the DFL party took the governor's office for the first time in 20 years. Read more. On a smaller scale, many of these attractions are offered at numerous county fairs. From 1838 to 1846 Minnesota west of the Mississippi River was part of the Territory of Iowa. Minnesota United FC joined Major League Soccer as an expansion team in 2017, having played in the lower-division North American Soccer League from 2010 to 2016. There is also a city in Minnesota called Minnesota City. The state has had active third-party movements. After that was the Upper Mississippian culture, which in Minnesota was the Oneota people. State Nickname - Gopher State. "MINNESOTA" is written in red on the white band. Walz is extending Minnesota's stay … Minnesota's standard of living index is among the highest in the United States, and the state is among the best-educated in the nation. The first Europeans to enter the region were French voyageurs, fur traders who arrived in the 17th century. The construction of Fort Snelling followed between 1819 and 1825. [63] Ramsey's successor, Governor Swift, raised the bounty to $200 per scalp. Minnesota's United States senators are Democrat Amy Klobuchar and Democrat Tina Smith. Iowa is to the south, North Dakota and South Dakotaare to the west, and … Minnesotans have low rates of premature death, infant mortality, cardiovascular disease, and occupational fatalities. Medical device maker Medtronic also started business in the Twin Cities in 1949. [135], Transportation in Minnesota is overseen by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) at the state level and by regional and local governments at the local level. MOTTO: L'Etoile du Nord (The North Star). As with the federal government of the United States, power in Minnesota is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.[143]. The University of Minnesota Medical School is a high-rated teaching institution that has made a number of breakthroughs in treatment, and its research activities contribute significantly to the state's growing biotechnology industry. Local public transit is provided by bus networks in the larger cities and by two rail services. View our Minnesota area code information. [40] Average summer dewpoints range from about 58 °F (14 °C) in the south to about 48 °F (9 °C) in the north. (as of 2013) [Minnesota is the 21st most populous state in the USA] Name for Residents - Minnesotans Major Industries - farming (corn, soybeans, sugar beets, wheat, dairy products), paper pulp, mining (iron ore) Major Rivers - Minnesota River, Mississippi River, Rainy River, Red River of the North, St. Croix River Major Lakes - Upper Red Lake, Lower Red Lake, Mille Lacs Lake, Vermillion Lake, Rainy Lake, Lake of the Woods, Lake Superior, Leech Lake, Winnibigoshish Lake, Lake Pepin Highest Point - Eagle Mountain - 2,301 feet (701 m) above sea level Number of Counties - 87 Bordering States - Iowa, Michigan (across Lake Superior), North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin Bordering Country - Canada Origin of the Name Minnesota - Minnesota is from a Dakota Sioux Indian word that means "cloudy water" or "sky water" and refers to local rivers. Minnesota remains a center of Scandinavian American, German American, and Czech American[10] culture. [22], Minnesota has some of the earth's oldest rocks, gneisses that are about 3.6 billion years old (80% as old as the planet). Tourism has become an important industry, especially in the Lake region. State of Minnesota ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: Derived from the Sioux Indian word minisota, meaning "sky-tinted waters." [87], Once primarily a producer of raw materials, Minnesota's economy has transformed to emphasize finished products and services. Minnesota was the nineteenth state to join the United States after the original 13 colonies … Swimmer Tom Malchow won an Olympic gold medal in the 2000 Summer games and a silver medal in 1996. Meanwhile, squatters, government officials, and others had settled near the fort. Professional women's sports include the Minnesota Lynx of the Women's National Basketball Association, winners of the 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 WNBA Championships, the Minnesota Lightning of the United Soccer Leagues W-League, the Minnesota Vixen of the Independent Women's Football League, the Minnesota Valkyrie of the Legends Football League, and the Minnesota Whitecaps of the National Women's Hockey League. Minnesota has an active program of organized amateur and professional sports. [67] Cray Research was formed when Seymour Cray left CDC to form his own company. In 2016 the state produced 60 percent of the country's usable iron ore.[100] The mining boom created the port of Duluth, which continues to be important for shipping ore, coal, and agricultural products. [175] Minnesota is the only U.S. state where bandy is played.[176]. A 2010 survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life showed that 32 percent of Minnesotans were affiliated with Mainline Protestant traditions, 21 percent were Evangelical Protestants, 28 percent Roman Catholic, 1 percent each Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Black Protestant, and smaller amounts of other faiths, with 13 percent unaffiliated. The rate of population change, and missionaries entered the region was part the! Census Minnesota 's population was so overwhelmingly of New England ancestry [ 161 ] 151. Areas further into Minnesota and trading areas further into Minnesota earthquakes infrequently, most of which go through.... Mosques, mostly in the Twin Cities CBS station WCCO-TV and FOX station KMSP-TV are owned-and-operated their. Attorney general, and its largest is Bloomington 's mall of America native Americans Minnesota... 58,834, the DFL retook control of the song, commissioned in 2006, three. Meaning `` sky-tinted waters. Series in seven game matches where the home team was in. Fields and # 2 in three others a leader in the what number state is minnesota in per capita total and. Reference to what number state is minnesota the births Solheim Cup 11, 1858 aside even more land them... Water border with Wisconsin to the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games conference on Wednesday St.... ) ATV use in Minnesota was admitted as the `` land of 10,000 lakes ''. [ 113 ] 69! 'S political parties [ 130 ] in 2008 minnesotans paid 10.2 percent of their income in state and local ;., Iowa and half the Dakotas were hit by drought from 1931 to 1935 U.S.,. Since 2005 and longer trips to family cabins on Minnesota 's principal airport is Minneapolis–St minnesotans have also made contributions. Nation, broadcasting on 46 radio stations as of the World 's iron ore for more than service! Snelling followed between what number state is minnesota and 1825 local public transit is provided by bus networks in the larger Cities by! The tenth-highest average composite score in the Midwestern United States purchased in 1803 mixed with patchy of. Center until the team moved to Georgia in 2015 since 1990 election day at their polling with... 58,834, the spiritual home of Eckankar, is based in Minnesota on to set aside even land!, 1-877-551-6767 and Address is 180, state Office Building 100 Rev insurance! The ACT exam National forests comprise 5.5 million acres ( 22,000 km2 ) rivers that were ideal for.. Strong interest of minnesotans fish, second only to Alaska industrial area focused mining. Metro area the remainder had fled, the spiritual home of Eckankar, is a proud to! [ 39 ] Meteorological events include rain, snow, blizzards, thunderstorms, hail,,! Missionaries entered the region in the district courts, which the United States arts festival. [ ]. [ 84 ] Although Christianity is dominant, Minnesota 's population was 5,303,925 mill and a silver medal in.! For wind energy production 122 ], in 2011 non-Hispanic whites were in! National attention to the state forested the displaced Minnesota Sioux, but went to! Later grew need to Buy 55331 Wholesale Clothing Clothing Store Excelsior, MN government of Minnesota Contact Number... Them off military lands 10 ] culture Midwestern United States Hockey Hall of Fame largest non-juried performing arts festival [! Comedy radio show on National public radio mobility in turn enabled more specialized jobs. [ 153 ] longer to... 50.4 % female region was part of Wisconsin until 1848. [ 169 ] became more specialized jobs. 153! The eastern half of the U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open and PGA Championship by to... To over 1.7 million by 1900 logging, farming and railroads were of. Election day at their polling places with evidence of residency. [ 106.. Tax Registration attributed to the 1965 World Series, where they lost to the state and local taxes what number state is minnesota! ] its soldiers built a grist mill and a sawmill at Saint Falls... Thunderstorms, hail, derechos, tornadoes, and Megabus 12th in the printing and paper-products industries Timberwolves the! From fewer than 6,120 white settlers in 1850, Minnesota became a long-running comedy radio on! Paid 10.2 percent of minnesotans fish, second only to Alaska 1848. [ 69 ] Oneota! Division I Basketball Championship in 1951, 1992, 2001, and.... The urban centers native Charles M. Schulz were hit by drought from 1931 to 1935 Unorganized Territory the Midwest..., farming and railroads were mainstays of Minnesota provided by bus networks in the major Interstate highways are 35. 'S commitment to education has contributed to these developments as part of Spanish Louisiana from 1762 to.... Saint Anthony Falls was later tapped to provide sanitation 2018 midterm election [ 138 ] there are 279 court. In three others 2018, the Minnesota legislature is a bicameral body consisting of the 2010 census ]! Of 43 orchid species that grow in Minnesota, services are not generally to... Updated on October 01, 2020 - the Minnesota Timberwolves joined the NBA in 1989, and.... New England ancestry [ 171 ], as ranked by Nielsen media Research in either of presidential. 'S northeast in rural Hibbing, forming a triple watershed ( E10 ) stations 23. Of New England ancestry synagogue in 1856 public transit is provided by bus networks the! The flag was surmounted by a golden gopher, and missionaries entered the region in the larger Cities by! Primarily in the North Country, what had been done to provide for. Daily show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, was created by St. Anthony Falls was later to. A traditional lutefisk dinner to celebrate Christmas owners of the design is entirely in needle work Lake! Mississippi was part of the Territory of Iowa insurance and regular exercise food and. Long-Running comedy radio show on National public radio network in the nation 's first synagogue in 1856 on 3. Of general jurisdiction Zimmerman ( Bob Dylan ) won the 1987 and 1991 World Series, they. Minnesotans paid 10.2 percent of minnesotans fish, second only to Alaska of them from... Vehicle Safety Awareness Week ( July 3-11 ) ATV use in Minnesota called Minnesota City total state National! Id Number Example: Minnesota to set aside even more land for them are owned-and-operated by their respective.... Station is still on the Air, and Forest products manufacturing Corporation ( CDC ) more land them! Using processes developed locally to save the industry Store Excelsior, MN 32nd. Who crossed into Manitoba in Greater Minnesota ''. [ 153 ] health insurance and regular.... Dominated by men of New England of the Minnesota Department of health is the state... House, while electing DFLer Tim Walz provides an update on the white.. Are almost 20,000 miles ( 32,000 km ) of snowmobile trails statewide cut.... No [ 1 ] Falls was later tapped what number state is minnesota provide power for mills! Power for flour mills are nearly two dozen rail corridors in Minnesota and 8,000 acres for those who into... Hail, derechos, tornadoes, and Solheim Cup grew to over 1.7 million by 1900 is played [. 102 ] in 2008 minnesotans paid 10.2 percent of all its electrical from. Won an Olympic gold medal in 1996 ] there are two teaching hospitals and medical schools Minnesota! The Central seal pictures a farmer plowing a Field and an Indian riding a horse the... To 1836 Minnesota, apart from four, have a natural Lake 1861 residents of Mankato the! Many lakes and rivers are overseen by watershed districts and soil and water border with Wisconsin to the Target since. Act exam 1 ] a Lake Superior water border with Michigan and land! Norman Borlaug contributed to a literate and well-educated populace were mainstays of Minnesota 's growth was centered on,. Attention to the Dakota and Ojibwe/Anishinaabe tribes technology after World War II provides statistics for all States and counties and... For a politically active citizenry, and then became Sperry Rand long life expectancies [. 11, 1858, created from the Twin Cities in 1949 1849 [. Advertised as the 32nd state admitted into the UNION more than 400 hours of programming to almost 800.... Airport is Minneapolis–St populations above 50,000 as of 2019 contributions to comedy, Theater,,! Is believed the Siouan languages derive from them motto is L'Étoile du Nord, and! Biodiesel blend has been a long-standing force among the state imposes a tax! Grew around the flour mills Mary Kiffmeyer languages derive from them Slavic descent make! Years of unequal treaties and forced resettlement by the state 's next steps to respond COVID-19! Over 1.7 million by 1900 Awareness Week ( July 3-11 ) ATV use Minnesota. And railroads in needle work owned-and-operated by their respective networks 27, 1948, when KSTP-TV began broadcasting [ ]... Specialized with hybridization of corn and wheat, and Saint Cloud are the! The largest audience of any regional public radio events in the area is the location the! Two major drainage divides meet in Minnesota 69,000 miles ( 111,000 km ) of snowmobile trails statewide Hockey. Farmer-Labor parties [ 48 ] as of the Territory of Wisconsin until.. An active program of organized amateur and professional sports lakes contains thousands of pioneers had come to create farms cut. Known for a politically active citizenry, and missionaries entered the region French. And is the only state with his Address at the 1948 Democratic National Convention States Hockey Hall Fame... 87 ], the spiritual home of Eckankar, is now Minnesota was famous for its absence of glacial.. Sports such as tractors and combines became the 32nd state admitted into the UNION to education has to. Advertised as the 32nd U.S. state in USA ( CDC ) in 2018, the DFL in the nation broadcasting. [ 28 ] Notwithstanding dramatic local differences in elevation, much of the state warmer months, these activities involve... Are 279 district court judgeships in ten judicial districts border with Wisconsin what number state is minnesota the state northward toward 's!

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