My sub and sub amp seem to be fine however when I turn the volume on my headunit up above 14 the subwoofer will continue to bump and the speakers will just cut out and skip. when you have your amp's gains turned up too high it will clip the music signal which is bad for amplifiers and speakers alike. The new receiver initially said "Check SP Wire" - … Steps: 1) turn the gain down on your amp (especially bass boost, that stuff KILLS subs) 2) blare the volume PAST where the sub normally cuts out, if it's still alive, congrats, your gain was too high, you're done. I have disconnected each speaker … If I run a lower volume… Will i blow my speakers if i have an amp with a much higher wattage rating than my speakers? It worked fine for about a week at all volume levels when it started to going out the volume was high enough to muffler the engine sound but now it goes out at low volume. Static on speakers as volume increases in car The tweeters play quietly for a few seconds, then everything kicks back on. Speakers cut out at high volume honda accord. Why does my stereo shut itself off at higher volumes? I installed a pair of Kicker KS693 6"x9" 3-way car speakers on the back and now every time i higher the volume to the 20's ( mid volume) the stereo will turn of and immediately turn back on . When a car stereo only works sometimes, there are two main types of faults that can be in play. your speakers cutting out sounds lile a problem with clipping. i have a kenwood cd player in my car with 4 speakers-works fine but if i turn the volume up to loud it will cut out,then come back on and repeats this till i turn the volume down..why is this? try looking at the amp the next time your speakers cut off and see if that is what's happening. Does it matter if i have high wattage speakers and a lower wattage head unit? It would get hot enough that it was someone's job to keep surrounding the amp with bags of ice, otherwise it would cut out. so it could be your amp going into protect mode to prevent it from over heating. everything is fine until i raise the volume, or when a song with bass is being played. Or your gain could be set too high, or a bad ground. I currently have a Sony Xplod CDX-GT510 on my Honda CRX . The problem is whenever I turn it up to moderately high volume (not ear-splitting, but say t-tops off at highway speed volume), the woofers and subwoofer cut out. First of all, they come with a much more comprehensive equalizer to make the most out of your speakers. car stereo sound keeps cutting out Reply to Thread. The other has to do with the car stereo seeming to turn on, but no sound ever comes out. 300 bodies in a tight room will generate a lot of heat, apparently. Stereo fails at high volume July 15, 2010 7:50 AM Subscribe. If the audio sound is intermittent through one or more of your speakers when playing your stereo, there may be a problem with the connection or a problem with the speakers. I had a similar problem later on in life with my last one (an older 5.1 Tascam). And second of all, they have a more powerful amplifier than what came with your car. Why does my speakers shut off when radio volume is to high? Why does my car stereo go off if i turn the volume up too loud? The speaker amp also goes into protection mode. So I just got a new receiver because my old one stopped working and it is shutting off at high volumes (about 65-70 level out of the available 80). Does sound cut-out completely or only for a specific channel... ie, front/back/left/right. Follow these steps to try to resolve this issue: Turn off the Audio/Video (A/V) stereo receiver. 3) if the sub still cuts out try steps 1 and 2 again Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. One has to do with the car stereo turning on and working just fine, but the music intermittently cuts out, or the stereo randomly shuts itself off. By replacing your stereo with an after market head unit, sometimes you can up the power of the amplifier a little bit and prevent the distortion.

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