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The goal of Ecolife Beds is to offer handmade beds of the highest quality, made from the best natural materials with a timeless and classic design. But most importantly, we strive to give our customers a really good night’s sleep. We care about Swedish craftsmanship and our mission is that you sleep with a good feeling on an Ecolife bed.

Our beds are handmade in Sweden and are a richness of nature. We respect our planet, people, animals and the environment. Due to the composition and the natural materials, moisture is well drained and you can sleep peacefully.

The beds are made of 100% natural, non-animal and renewable materials. We can say that sleeping on an Ecolife Bed has much more value than what you pay for it.

ecolife beds

All our beds are handmade in Sweden by our craftsmen in Valskog. Our bed makers have industry knowledge that they have inherited from generation to generation. The secrets of the old tradition combined with the technologies of the new age and an enormous passion for the profession make us proud to say: we know how to make a bed!

We use Swedish pine for our frames, so it is robust and you have a long warranty on the frame. All materials have been selected with great care to provide the highest quality beds and each bed is checked down to the smallest detail.

The materials we use for our beds are 100% natural. We do not use animal materials in our beds, such as wool and horsehair. We also do not use plastic, chemical and synthetic additives-

The natural materials we use for our beds are organic bamboo, organic cotton and sisal from the agave plant. These materials have been chosen to provide a comfortable, cool sleep with a soft, comfortable feel against the skin.

Agave is known as a strong and well-ventilated fiber. Bamboo is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. This reduces the risk of house dust mites and ensures a pleasant temperature during your sleep.

Our beds are available in different sizes and we have a wide range of carefully selected textiles. We adapt your bed to your wishes!