More is always possible. That’s why we chose to create an adjustable bed that we simply call Comfort Adjustable. This adjustable bed is a powered model based on the continental Comfort model. We want to make it possible for anyone who reads, surfs or watches TV in the bedroom to do so. And that you are wrapped in natural materials that provide cooling and the right temperature. The advantage is that you don’t need three or four extra pillows, it’s enough with your “normal” pillow.

We were so pleased with our Eco Comfort bed,that we decided to make an adjustable version. Our adjustable Eco Comfort is created using a combination of bamboo and agave fiber, which provides good support and also helps control your body temperature when sleeping. This bed is perfect for those who like to read a good book or watch something before sleeping.

Available in sizes:
80 × 200, 90 × 200, 105 × 200, 120 × 200,
160 × 200, 180 × 200, 210 × 200
All models are also available in 210 cm length.

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