Ecolife Beds’ goal is to offer handmade beds of the highest quality, made from the best materials with a timeless and classic design.
But most importantly, we strive to give our customers a really good night’s sleep.
We care about Swedish craftsmanship. All beds are handmade in our own factory in Valskog by our skilled craftsmen.

Our mission is that you sleep with a good feeling. Our beds are handmade in Sweden and are a richness of nature. We have respect for our planet, people, animals and the environment. Due to the composition and the natural materials, moisture is well-aligned and you can enjoy a restful sleep. The beds are made with 100% natural, non-animal and renewable materials. We can say that sleeping on an Ecolife Bed offers much more value than you paid for.

We customize your bed according to your wishes!

Every bed is scrutinized in detail. All materials are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of the bed. Our beds are available in several sizes and we have a wide range of carefully selected textiles.

Frames and springs
We cherish the Swedish tradition of craftsmanship and only use the highest quality natural materials in our beds. Each bed is handmade by our skilled craftsmen, and each bed comes in a range of colors and dimensions.

Bamboo (1)


Made from natural, fast-growing bamboo, our bamboo extracts are grown without the use of pesticides, making them more eco-friendly.

They are naturally antibacterial, non-allergenic and reduce the risk of dust mites.

Bambun’s unique properties combined with Agave, provide a cool bed and a relaxing support for the whole body. Our bamboo mattresses are toxin-free and made from renewable raw materials.

Our mattresses are tested by independent testing institutes and are approved in accordance with CertipUR-US.

All our bed frames are made from Swedish pine and have hardened, reinforced corners. This creates a more durable bed and, combined with thick and wide slats, provides a stable bed with a 25-year warranty on springs and frames.

Organic cotton
We use the world’s most widely used natural, strong and sustainable fiber, namely organic cotton. The main reason we use organic cotton is its softness and breathability. Cotton absorbs moisture easily. This makes cotton very comfortable in warm weather. Cotton is possibly the purest form of cellulose in nature. It is soft, breathable and very comfortable against the skin.



The springs in our beds are heat treated to keep them hard for many years to come. All our beds have a pocket spring system, where the springs are placed individually in their own bags. This gives our customers maximum support, while minimizing their partners’ movements. The pocket spring system also eliminates squeaking and noise from the bed.

Sisal has traditionally been used to make ropes and string for agriculture. Today it is used in a number of different industries, such as paper, textiles, carpets and mattresses. This is because sisal, made from the agave plant, has an airy cell structure that easily and naturally removes excess moisture. It acts as a thermal insulator, which means that the mattresses maintain the perfect temperature. Its structure also absorbs kinetic energy, which means it does not conduct sound or movement.

We have chosen to use sisal because of its animal-friendly properties. Normally horsehair is used in beds to absorb moisture and minimize movement, but we believe that sisal is like it. Beds made with sisal from the agave plant can be considered a cruelty-free, vegan alternative.

Linfiber is one of the oldest fiber crops in the world. It is soft, shiny and flexible. It is even stronger than cotton fibers, but less elastic. Flax fibers are extracted from the bark/shell of the stem of the flax plant. It provides exceptional cooling in warm weather, and the fiber absorbs and releases moisture quickly. Static electricity also disappears. In addition, linen has a sound-damping effect

How our agave is processed

To make the fiber durable and to make it possible to create an open and ventilating structures, we spin the fibers into ropes. These ropes turn into sheets, providing structure and elasticity.
Manufacturing quality products but natural fibers is our business. Since the start of Ecolife, we have used vegetable natural fibers. With our experience in producing beds and mattresses, we read market signals and translate them into new and innovative products of outstanding quality.
Its open and resilient structure allows Sisal to create a good microclimate (which is an advantage of mattresses). The structure also absorbs sound and some waves, which makes the material excellent as a thermal and acoustic insulation product.
We only use the very best natural materials to make our beds. Cotton, Linen, Bamboo and Sisal (Agave). Nature is constantly replenishing these raw materials, which are unmatched in bounce, durability and ventilation. Ecolife delivers a complete eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials.

We use 100% natural materials consisting of cotton (60%) and linen (40%). Thanks to the properties of our raw materials, we can produce exceptionally sustainable fabrics. Because our materials breathe naturally, our beds feel fresher for longer.

Our fabric is stonewashed for an authentic feel that is enhanced over time. Every meter of our fabric is unique and developed with the utmost care.

Rest easy knowing that the bed you sleep in is healthy for you and the planet we live on.


All our fabrics are quality labeled and approved according to the EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel is a label given to products that meet strict environmental requirements, from extraction of raw materials to production.


All our fabrics are quality labeled and approved according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. It is an independent certification system for textile raw materials at all stages of production. All our fabrics are tested for harmful substances, as are our accessories such as tags, buttons, zippers, rivets and threads.